Design + Business = Innovation

Design + Business = Innovation

posted by vanndesign on 17. Sep, 2010

Solving Problems Creatively

What follows is a process by which businesses can create value and market demand through innovation. It is done in partnership with designers. It is a scalable, tried and true process, which is suitable for solving any problem that requires creative thinking.

1. Define the problem
Articulate a clear, actionable brief. Be as specific as possible.

2. Set clear objectives
What is to be accomplished? Who is to be moved, and to do what?

3. Define the approach
A well-articulated strategy is not only a roadmap for reaching your objectives, but also a way to clarify all team members’ responsibilities.

4. Elicit buy-in
Build support early on rather than surprise people when it’s too late for them to contribute.

5. Gather information
Immersion and research are critical to success. Share all the information you have with your team.

6. Develop and prototype ideas
The role of a designer is to have ideas — and to inspire them in others. Designers are adept at “seeing” patterns and developing insights, and then visualizing them so others can understand them easily.

7. Analyze the options
Think through the ramifications of the concepts on the table. Invest in market testing if it makes sense.

8. Make the important decisions
Make the choice of direction based on as much data as you can gather, and then on gut. Revisit your objectives and remind yourself that it’s not worth the time and effort to be just like everybody else in your industry.

9. Mobilize the team
Once you have buy-in from the necessary people, the execution phase begins.

10. Present to internal audiences
Share the objectives of the project and the proposed solution.

11. Take it public
All efforts have led to this moment of unveiling.

12. Evaluate success
Take stock of what worked and what can improve. Measure the success and collect data. Then change what you need to.

Excerpted with permission of the American Institute of Graphic Arts from “What Every Business Needs. And How.” For copies of the booklet and other design-related information, visit


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