Redesign: The Power to Reinvent

Redesign: The Power to Reinvent

posted by vanndesign on 11. Nov, 2010

Giving your publication an advantage in a highly competitive market.

Much has been written about the demise of print in today’s digital age. But the fact is print magazines have seen an 11% increase in readership in the Google era. Like many publishers competing with digital media today, you have probably thought about updating your publication’s visual assets.

This is not the time for half measures. When considering a redesign, you should look at the entire publication with fresh eyes. Both editorial and creative audits are an important part of that process.

Investing in an effective redesign can have a huge impact. A successful redesign will: (1) Energize your current membership, (2) Attract new members, and (3) Generate buzz (free press) that can be used to position your publication as innovative and expert. By rethinking your publication’s design and voice, you can leverage your association’s message and assets to engage and grow membership.

There is opportunity for the forward thinker, but that vision must be coupled with bold action. A thoughtful and well-executed redesign can jump-start a floundering publication and revitalize a mediocre one.


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