The Twenty Tweetable Truths About Magazines

The Twenty Tweetable Truths About Magazines

posted by vanndesign on 16. Sep, 2010

20 Things a Little Birdie Told Me

The Association of Magazine Media posted “The Twenty Tweetable Truths About Magazines,” on October 14, 2009, with the subtitle “20 facts that showcase magazine vitality, 140 characters or less.” Its fast-paced presentation of the merits of the printed magazine is underscored by crisp graphics and a musical score that reminds you of the Oceans 11 movies. Hitting you quick and fast with facts like “Magazine readership remains steady in an increasingly crowded and noisy media landscape” and “The top 25 magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 prime-time TV programs,” this is a very informative and entertaining watch.


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